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    • Formats supported: mp3, ogg vorbis. (Thanks to GStreamer, other formats may work but are not yet officially supported.)
    • The basics: play, pause, stop, next, and previous audio tracks.
    • CD audio support for all your CD drives. Album information is fetched from freeDB.
    • HTTP support, including basic authentication.


    • Supported playlist formats: XSPF (spiff) (the default), M3U, PLS.
    • Support for multiple playlists with the ability to cut/copy/paste between them.
    • Individual tracks can be queued, or reordered with drag-and-drop.
    • Files can be added using drag-and-drop from other applications (e.g., file manager or web browser links).
    • Playlists can be searched; press CTRL+F or '/'
    • Playlist modes shuffle and repeat.
    • Playlists can be set read-only.
    • Playlist state is automatically saved.
    • Playlists can be exported to any of the supported formats.

    User Interface:

    • System tray icon with menu support for most major audio operations.
    • The application and UI can be controlled remotely from the command line or other applications using the per-session DBus interface.
    • Album cover art and song information for the currently playing track is displayed.
    • The user interface supports both normal and compact mode.


    • The audioscrobbler plugin will submit the songs you play to enabling charts and statistics like this.
    • For users of the Jabber/XMPP client Gajim, the gajimstatus plugin will update your IM status with the currently playing song information.
    • The albumart plugin will download missing album covers from



Compact Mode


Current release is 0.3.2 (requires GStreamer 0.10.x):
Gzipped tar archive | ebuild

Previous release is 0.2.1 (requires GStreamer 0.8.x):
Gzipped tar archive | ebuild | Ubuntu (Dapper)

The development repository can be accessed using subversion:

Stable branch:
Development trunk:
 $ svn co --username anonymous --password '' mesk-trunk
 $ cd mesk-trunk
 $ ./
 $ make
 $ make install